In July-September parliamentary parties spent more than 200 million UAH

The closer is parliamentary election the more money spend political parties. In the 1st  quarter all six parties together spent 85 million UAH, and in the 2nd quarter - 150 million UAH, and in the 3rd quarter - 201 million The largest increase in the cost of Batkivshchyna party.

In the 3rd quarter, BPP Solidarity and the Opposition Bloc transferred most of the funds to local cells, Batkivshchyna and Radical Party of Oleg Lyashko – paid the most for advertising, Samopomich - on services and material expenses, People's Front - spent everything on salaries, rent and taxes.

The most in the 3rd quarter spent Batkivshchyna party – 80 million UAH (of these, 73 million - on advertising activities).

Samopomich party goes next in chart of parties with biggest expenses. The party spent 38 million UAH, of which 13 million spent on services and material expenses, and 10 million - for advocacy (of which 2 million - for television advertising).

BPP spent 33 million UAH, of which 20 million - on the  local branches. Despite visual activities, the report does not reflect expenses on outdoor advertising.

People's Front spent 22 million. All the money spent on salaries (8 million), lease (7 million) and taxes (5 million).

RPL spent 12 million UAH, most of which (4.8 million) were expenditures on promotional activities.

The least spent the Opposition Bloc – 12 million UAH, of which 9 million were transferred to local branches. Like the BPP, the party officially did not spend money on advertising, although its leaders actively placed outdoor advertising in the Southern and Eastern regions. 

99% витрат БПП, Опоблоку, РПЛ та НФ було здійснено за гроші, отримані з держбюджету. Це ж стосується 92% витрат «Самопомочі» і лише 6% витрат «Батьківщини».

Дані на основі звітів партій про майно, доходи, витрати і зобов'язання фінансового характеру за ІІІ квартал 2018 року.