About CVU

All-Ukrainian non-governmental organization “Committee of voters of Ukraine” was founded in February 20, 1994 as an independent non-partisan organization with national status. The key idea of the CVU establishment initiators was to promote democratic changes in the country, including through independent non-governmental monitoring of election and referendum processes, both at the national and local levels, as well as public lobbying of the relevant legislative changes. During the period of its activities CVU on the basis of organization’s elaborated methodology (which was taking into account all key standards for election observation) carried out the monitoring of any and all general national election campaigns, as well as most of campaigns of local elections. Such large-scale activities of elections monitoring became possible due to the development of CVU regional divisions. Thus, at the beginning of 2013 in Ukraine in general there were registered 125 oblast, rayon and city organizations (divisions) of CVU in all regions of the state.

Since 1998, all-Ukrainian non-governmental organization “Committee of voters of Ukraine” has substantially expanded the areas of its activities and subject specialization.

Thus, the organization has carried out monitoring of the election campaigns in Ukraine and other countries, political parties conditions and activities in Ukraine; participated in the electoral law reforming, conducted training of members of the election commissions and observers for the preparation and elections conduct.

CVU also carried out the public control over the activities of governmental authorities at various levels (activities monitoring of elected officials, government and public communications, transparency of government authorities, etc.), provided monitoring and expertise of execution and compliance with obligations assumed by the public government authorities regarding access to public information, governmental and public consultations, international commitments etc.

Another area of CVU specialization was preventing and countering corruption through, in particular, monitoring of the print media with regard to highlighting of corruption, access to the higher education, carrying out of state procurement for budgetary funds, transparency of the allocation and use of budgetary funds at the local level and so on.

CVU has also developed and participated in the implementation of proposals to improve the content of regulations adopted by state authorities at the local level in order to ensure transparency and accountability of the relevant authorities and officials, improve the procedures for consultation and communication between the state authorities and public, participated in the development of “green” and “white” book of constitutional reform.

The key attention point of CVU also included such line of activity as advising the public. For example, the organization has supported the activities of the mobile and fixed-site community liaison networks, enabled the resource centers operations for local communities support, provided for the functioning of a “hot line” during conduct of national campaigns, elections, referendums, independent external evaluation of admission to the higher education institutions, carried out voter training regarding electoral law amendments, implementation of their rights in the field of interaction with the authorities, professional rights, etc. In general, for the 19 years of CVU activities there were distributed over 20 million of informational and educational materials copies.

Our mission is to create conditions for procurement of human rights implementation and actual democracy by means of the following:

  • education and activation of specific citizen, civil society institutions;
  • participation in formation and implementation of policy in spheres of highest for CVU priority;
  • public monitoring and control over policy implementation in the relevant field;
  • interaction with stakeholders.

Our vision in medium-term perspective is the following: CVU is a unique network NGO that specializes in issues of electoral process, decentralization, political party development and political finance:

-        CVU is a unique network think tank,

-        CVU is a powerful training network

-        CVU is a powerful communication network that facilitates communication between the authorities and the public

CVU tasks:

- to create conditions for an effective system education and activation of specific citizen, civil society institutions;

- to protect the rights and interests of citizens in their state relations;

- to promote the development of direct democracy institutions;

- to create conditions for the control and prevention of political corruption processes;

- to participate in policy development and implementation in CVU fields of priority;

- to introduce good governance in public policy;

- to conduct public monitoring and control over policy implementation in the relevant field;

- to interact with stakeholders

Our values:

- Service to the public

 - Independence

- Recognition of democratic values and respect for human rights

- Equality

- Transparency

- Accountability

- Responsibility

- Righteousness

- Cooperation with all parties concerned

- Non-profit nature of activities

- Voluntariness